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Aluminum Drop Bottom

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Uses: These bottom opening quick quench furnaces, are designed for aluminum heat treatment to a maximum temperature of 1200 ºF. Temperature gradients are ± 5 ºF or less.

Controls: These furnaces come standard with a Model SD, digital LED readout microprocessor programmable control mounted in a separate free standing control cabinet. There is an independent digital high limit safety control and independent contactor and dual door limit safety switches that interrupt power to the elements and fan when the door is opened.

Elements: Elements are heavy gage chrome-Nickel mounted in grooves on all four sidewalls of the furnace behind the stainless steel baffle. The design of the heating coils provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.

General Construction: Heavy angle steel frame with 18 gauge sheet metal panels form the case. The walls are constructed of 4.5” of the finest quality insulated firebrick backed up by 1800 ºF block insulation. This combination of insulation and wall thickness helps to give fast heat up and excellent heat retention for economical operation. The furnace door can be opened and the load rack lowered into the quench tank within six seconds. The door rolls easily on casters mounted on an inclined track. Air assist is used to raise and lower loads up to 1000 lbs. easily. The uniform temperature is accomplished by a 15” stainless steel fan mounted in the roof, which circulates air down the sidewalls and up through the load. A full stainless steel baffle within the furnace directs airflow. The insulated quench tank is mounted on V groove casters with a track so it can be rolled back out of the way.

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Item #

Chamber Size

Overall Size

Max. Intermittent Temperature

Max. Continuos Temperature

Input Power


R24S 36”W 36”L 21”H 57.5”W 112”L 158”H 1200 ºF 1000 ºF 30 kW 2400 lb
R36S 36”W 36”L 36”H 57.5”W 112”L 158”H 1200 ºF 1000 ºF 45 kW 3000 lb
R36T 36”W 36”L 36”H 57.5”W 112”L 204”H 1200 ºF 1000 ºF 45 kW 3000 lb
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1