How To Select a Furnace

Uses: These bottom opening furnaces, are designed for heat treatment at temperatures up to 2250 ºF. Temperature gradients are ± 5 ºF or better.

Controls: These furnaces come standard with an easy to use digital programmable 4 zone system and a high limit backup system. Mounted in a separate free standing control cabinet. Dual safety switches that interrupt the power to the heating coils when the unit is raised.

Elements: Special PM elements for long life at low and high temperatures. Elements are heavy gage, mounted in grooves in all sidewalls of the furnace. The design of the heating coils provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.

General Construction: Heavy angle steel frame holds the body of the furnace, the walls are constructed of 3” of the finest quality insulated fi rebrick. The furnace is bottom opening by means of a counterweight which lifts the entire furnace vertically above the base of the frame. A kaowool rope seal is installed in the bottom. Close temperature uniformity tolerances are maintained during dynamic heat up, as well as top temperature soaks using matched thermocouples and four zone control.


Stainless steel ports • 480 volts 3 phase power
Audible process alarm
Data communications package
2400°F Optional
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Item #

List Price

Chamber Size

Overall Size

Max. Intermittent Temperature

Max. Continuos Temperature

Input Power

BT29 $20,683.00 N/A 29" H x 23 3/8" DECAGON N/A 48" W, 50" L, 83" H N/A 2250 ºF N/A 2000 ºF N/A 13.5 kW
BT2829 $21,483.00 N/A 29" H, 28" DODECAGON N/A 54" W, 57" L, 83" H N/A 2250 ºF N/A 2000 ºF N/A 13.5 kW
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