The Cress firemate is the most popular automatic kiln on the market today. Its design has been patented in 16 countries for its excellent and unique control system, which gradually increases power to the kiln throughout the firing process. This provides the advantages of firing as rapidly as possible without heat shocking the ware, and is extremely energy efficient. The firemate even senses and adjusts for room temperature and small voltage variations to give you highly repeatable and consistent firing results. The elements are electrically adjusted from top to bottom to give the most uniform firing possible. The firemate automatically turns the kiln up when you are busy and forget. You have control; fire automatically or fire manually it is simple to operate.
Unit of Measure

Brick Thickness

N/A 2.5 in

Max. No. of Cone / Max. Temperature

N/A 10 / 2350 ºF

Chamber Opening

N/A 23.38" Dec


N/A 27 in


N/A 7 ft³

Outside Width

N/A 29.5 in

Outside Depth

N/A 32.5 in


N/A 42 in

Limit Timer

N/A Yes


N/A 208 V


N/A 18+35 A


N/A 11 kW


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A CSA and UL Std 499

Amp Fuse Size

N/A Local Code

Short Wire Size

N/A 4

Plug Type


Shipping Weight

N/A 275 Pound


N/A 3" brick Electronic Sectional kiln (S)


N/A Thick wall models maintain the full inside dimensions of the base models so your furniture kits fit properly. Get more with cress kilns . Designate 3" thickwall brick by using "FTX" instead of "FX" in model number.