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    A Models: The A models are square, top loading manual kilns. The A series are great for the beginner.
    B Models: These kilns are polygon, top loading manually controlled. The B model kilns offered today are equipped with Kiln-Sitter® timers. On the B models, the Cress Clean Air System (fan) pre-wiring is only available on certain sizes at an additional cost.
    C Models: These kilns are square top loading or front loading kilns with gray sheet steel outer skins. The kilns are usually manually controlled (see description above of the B model kilns) but are also offered with electronic controls or with the Firemate® control system.

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    The Cress E-Series electronic kiln features the most advanced electronic control on the market. It provides 5 (rather than 3) preset easy-to-use firing speeds, plus available custom programming capability, for an almost infinitely flexible range of firing profiles. Most “E” series kilns now have 3-zone capable controls, but are initially connected up for one zone. This keeps maintenance to a minimum using one thermocouple instead of three. Temperature uniformity is superb by design and not brute force. Three-zone temperature controls may be ordered at  additional cost at the time order is placed. Cress is now the first to include heat reflective stands to greatly reduce the floor temperature when firing.  

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    The Cress firemate is the most popular automatic kiln on the market today. Its design has been patented in 16 countries for its excellent and unique control system, which gradually increases power to the kiln throughout the firing process.

    This provides the advantages of firing as rapidly as possible without heat shocking the ware, and are extremely energy efficient. The firemate even senses and adjust for room temperature and small voltage variations to give you highly repeatable and consistent firing results. The elements are electrically adjusted from top to bottom to give the most uniform firing possible.

    The firemate automatically turns the kiln up when you are busy and forget. You have control; fire automatically or fire manually it is simple to operate.

    These kilns include: Dawson kiln sitter & limit timer, superior lid brace, two position lid venting prop, insulated peephole plugs, instruction manual and permanently attached instruction plate, patented Cress Firemate control with reduced heath-shock firing curve, thumbwheel power adjustment, auto/manual firing mode switch, heavy gage elements electrically trimmed for superior temperature uniformity, pre assembled kiln stand, lifting handles, steel bottom safety plate, adjustable case clamps reinforced lid band, professional packing for safe deliver.