The Firemate automatically turns the kiln up fire automatically or fire manually - It's simple to operate.

These kilns include: Dawson kiln sitter & limit timer, superior locking lid brace, two position lid venting prop, insulated peephole plugs, instruction manual and permanently attached instruction plate, patented Cress Firemate control with reduced heat-shock firing curve, thumbwheel power adjustment, auto/manual firing mode switch, heavy gage elements electrically trimmed for superior temperature uniformity, preassembled kiln stand, lifting handles, steel bottom safety plate, adjustable case clamps, reinforced lid band, including elements, & professional packing for a safe delivery.

  • Now available with PM (powder metal) element option: PM elements last longer for rugged daily cone 10 use and stay in place for daily low fire use (like glass and decal firing)
    Include power speed control & energy saving 3" brick. Optional lid counter weight request at time of order
    Built to the same standards as NRTL/c and specs 499 but not submitted for certification due to the low volume sold of these units
    3" brick kilns have full size interiors, not reduced in size. Add "S" after first letter in model number for sectional kiln
Unit of Measure

Brick Thickness

N/A 3 in

Max. No. of Cone / Max. Temperature

N/A 10 / 2350 ºF

Chamber Opening

N/A 28" RD


N/A 27 in


N/A 9.6 ft³

Outside Width

N/A 35.5 in

Outside Depth

N/A 39 in


N/A 42 in

Limit Timer

N/A Yes


N/A 240 V


N/A 48 A


N/A 9.7 kW


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A CSA and UL Std 499

Amp Fuse Size

N/A 60

Short Wire Size

N/A 4

Plug Type

N/A 6-50P

Shipping Weight

N/A 400 Pound


N/A Electronic Sectional kiln (S)


N/A Thick wall models maintain the full inside dimensions of the base models so your furniture kits fit properly. Get more with cress kilns . Designate 3" thickwall brick by using "FTX" instead of "FX" in model number.