Uses: These models are designed for those users who require automatic temperature controlled furnaces from 250° F to 2000° F (Model C-601) or up to 2250° F (Model C401H)

At A Low Cost: An ideal unit for many of the small jobs found in Tool rooms, Production Shops or Laboratory.

Temperature Control: Auto tuning microprocessor-based controller.

Elements: C-601 chrome nickel wire. C401H-high temperature iron-aluminum wire.

Wiring: furnace is completely wired and equipped with cord ready to plug into a 115 volt outlet. control, relay and wiring connections are enclosed on the base.

General construction: Furnace case of sheet steel is assembled by use of electrical welding and sheet metal screws. The spring counter-balance door rises vertically on lever arrangement keeping the hot face away from operator. The C401H walls and door are constructed of high quality insulating brick backed by 1800° F block insulation. Furnace is finished in heat resistant hammer tone gray.

Safety switch: These models come equipped with a door safety switch. when door is opened, power is disconnected from the heating elements.

Unit of Measure

Chamber Width

N/A 8.5 in

Chamber Length

N/A 10 in

Chamber Height

N/A 6.5 in

Overall Width

N/A 15.5 in

Overall Length

N/A 17 in

Overall Height

N/A 22 in

Max. Intermittent Temperature

N/A 2000 ºF

Max. Continuos Temperature

N/A 1800 ºF

Input Power

N/A 1.4 kW


N/A 100 lb


N/A Dual Chamber Stainless steel case