• Motorized power control, smooth automatic firing program with overide, power speed control, insulated peephole plugs, two position lid prop, large lifting handles, bottom metal safety plate, & instruction manual.
  • This kiln is tolerant to power variations.
  • "FAN ready" for exhaust system. Optional patented Cress clean air exhaust system prevents cross contamination of colors - achieve the brightest best colors yet! Turns off automatically when kiln reaches temperature to slow cooling and prevent breakage. Plugs into bottom of panel.
    "HP" is for higher power elements yielding lower cost firing with faster fire capability & dual voltage capability
Unit of Measure

Brick Thickness

N/A 2.5 in

Max. No. of Cone / Max. Temperature

N/A 10 / 2350 ºF

Size (W x D)

N/A 14" x 18"

Chamber Opening

N/A 14" Hep


N/A 18 in


N/A 1.8 ft³

Outside Width

N/A 21 in

Outside Depth

N/A 24.5 in


N/A 32 in

Limit Timer

N/A Yes

Dual Voltage (AC)

N/A 208 V220 V


N/A 23 A24 A


N/A 4.8 kW5.3 kW


N/A 50/60 Hz


N/A CSA and UL Std 499

Amp Fuse Size

N/A 30

Short Wire Size

N/A 10

Plug Type

N/A 6-30P

Shipping Weight

N/A 120 Pound


N/A 3" brick Electronic Sectional kiln (S)


N/A Thick wall models maintain the full inside dimensions of the base models so your furniture kits fit properly. Get more with cress kilns . Designate 3" thickwall brick by using "FTX" instead of "FX" in model number.