Square kilns, top loaded, manually controlled equipped with a kiln sitter timer and infinite step less control switches. Our best to fire porcelain high fire ceramics and stoneware. Great slow cooling for hand made pieces. Cool exterior. Walls made of multi banks of insulation of up to 6" thick.
Unit of Measure

Thickness Total Insulation

N/A 6

Max. No. of Cone / Max. Temperature

N/A 6 / 2250 ºF

Chamber Opening

N/A 20" Square


N/A 25 in


N/A 5.7 ft³

Outside Width

N/A 35.5 in

Outside Depth

N/A 37.5 in


N/A 42.5 in

Limit Timer

N/A Yes


N/A 230 V

Total Current One Phase

N/A 38 A


N/A 8.7 kW


N/A No

Amp Fuse Size

N/A 50

Short Wire Size

N/A 6

Plug Type

N/A 6-50P

Shipping Weight

N/A 665 Pound