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How To Select a Furnace

Uses: These furnaces are designed for general use in the shop, laboratory or factory where temperatures from 300°F to 2250° F are required. They are used for heat treating metal, assaying and all types of testing.

Temperature controls: Auto tuning microprocessor-based controller.

Elements: High temperature iron-aluminum alloy wire elements are coiled and mounted on the side wall in porcelain plates.

The C133 Has a bottom element mounted in groves in floor and covered by refractory heart plate.

Model C136 assaying furnace has no bottom element and the side elements are raised 1.75" above the floor to prevent burnout due to spillage.

General construction: Case is constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel and finished in gray hammertone. The easily operated, counter-balanced door is always away from operator. All walls and door are constructed of the finest quality insulating fire brick backed by 1800° F block insulation. Comes complete with cord and plug.

Safety switch: These models come equipped with two door safety switches. When door is opened, elements are disconnected from power source. Solid state zero voltage switching of power to elements.

Item Image - C 133
Unit of Measure

Item #

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Chamber Width

Overall Length

Overall Height

Max. Intermittent Temperature

Max. Continuos Temperature

Input Power

C133/PM3T $4,460.00 N/A 11.5 in N/A 28 in N/A 24 in N/A 2250 ºF N/A 2000 ºF N/A 3 kW
C136/PM3T $4,090.00 N/A 10.5 in N/A 28 in N/A 24 in N/A 2250 ºF N/A 2000 ºF N/A 3 kW
Unit of Measure